Rev. Scott A. Euvrard (with Lazer)

978-388-0330 ext 107

Senior Deacon

Paul Specht


Weekend Associates

Rev. Leonard Copeland


Business Manager

Christine McCarthy

978-388-0330 ext. 103

Administrative Assistant

Sue Greaney

978-388-0330 ext 104

Religious Education Coordinator (Holy Family Parish)
Confirmation Coordinator (Holy Family Parish and Star of the Sea Parish)

Kathy Larsen

978-388-0330 ext 101

Director of Lifelong Faith Formation
Meredith Smith

978-388-0330 ext 110        

Receptionist and Bulletin Editor

Helen Theriault

978-388-0330 ext 109

Faith Community Nurse

Rose McBride BSN, RN, FCN

978-388-0330, ext. 111

Pastoral Musicians

Peg Doyle (Adult Choir Director (Holy Family Parish), Schedule Coordinator (collaborative))

Paula Fortuna (Contemporary Group Leader (Star of the Sea Parish), Cantor (collaborative) 

Kathy Hersey (9:00 a.m. Mass Organist/Cantor, Star of the Sea Parish)

Claudia Keyian (Saturday Afternoon/Wedding/Funeral Organist (Star of the Sea Parish),
Cantor (collaborative))

Joyce Rice (Saturday Afternoon/Funeral Organist, Holy Family Parish)

Jack Rogers (Sunday Morning/Wedding Organist, Holy Family Parish)

Marie Shattuck (11:00 a.m. Mass Organist, Star of the Sea Parish)


Larry Learned


Brian Smith




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