Religious Education


Family Faith Formation

The 2021-2022 religious education year will include a family faith formation program that will bring together everyone in your family's home, from the youngest to the oldest, from children to parents and grandparents, to participate in the Sunday Mass and grow in faith and knowldege of it by participating in a program after Mass. All will particpate in the Sunday 9:30 a.m. Mass and gather in the Holy Family Parish Hall immediately following in the Mass. After a chance to greet one another and have a snack and something to drink, the session will continue with an introductory activity based on the lesson of the day for all ages. Then we will continue to explore the topic of the day in either age-specific or family-based break out groups. Before the session ends at 11:45 am, all participatns will regather for a closing activity or prayer. 

Family Faith Formation Calendar Coming Soon

First Reconciliation & First Communion:

Children preparing for the Sacramanents of Reconciliation and First Communion will meet on the fourth Sunday of the month, for Sacramental Prep Classes.  The meeting times will be right after the 9:30 am Mass and will meet on the 2nd Floor of the Parish Center. We use a step by step program from Dynamic Catholic called "Blessed."  It is a wonderful DVD series and workbooks that engage the children to grow in their faith.

First Reconciliation & First Communion Curriculum:

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High School Youth Outreach

Our primary goal is to help all people, especially parishioners, to become intentional disciples of Jesus Christ, and to make a personal commitment to Christ. Preparing for and receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation only begins to make sense once a person has discovered Christ, has made a personal commitment to follow Christ, and is demonstrating initial progress in that commitment. What are some signs that this discovery, commitment, and progress are taking root in one’s life? We look to Acts of the Apostles 2:42, which describes the life of early Christians.

“They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers.”

Breaking of the Bread (Mass): Is the person participating in the Mass on a weekly basis? While we are obligated to keep holy the Sabbath by participating in the Mass, we understand this is a process. We are not looking for perfection; we are looking for desire, disposition and growth.

Teaching of the Apostles: Is the person taking steps to learn more about our faith?

Communal Life: Following Christ is not a solitary journey, each person does so as part of a community. Is the person engaged in the life of the parish community, in both service and social activities?

Prayer: Does the person pray, both in Church during the Mass and at home? This fall we will be working with our high school aged members to accompany them in discovering and following Christ by making a personal commitment to Him, especially if they have not yet done so.

We will be offering ways for them to grow in each of the four ways listed above – weekly participation in Mass, learning about our faith, being part of a community of faith, and prayer.

In January 2022, those who desire to be confirmed in May 2022 can request this. The qualifications for the Sacrament of Confirmation do not include one’s chronological age or grade level in school, but rather a desire and proper disposition for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Growth in Mass participation, faith formation, parish life, and prayer are signs of this desire and proper disposition.

For those requesting Confirmation in 2022, we will begin a period of more immediate preparation for that Sacrament. There will be a special focus on the Baptismal Promises which will be renewed during the Confirmation Mass, so that the young person can renew these promises with honesty and integrity.

Confirmation is held in TBD. 

High School Youth Outreach Program Coming Soon

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